Welcome to LEVITATE  Literary Magazine, a publication of the Chicago High School for the Arts.




to hover

to calm before impact

to be a narrative

to swallow words

to spit their ink

to spread feathers

to ghost silk

to lift balloons

to love frost

to breathe happy

to submit works

to waltz on stanzas

to float.


Mission Statement

We believe in writing to empower, and we believe that our voices can stir movements of art and progression. We’re particularly interested in aspiring writers and look forward to bringing voices of various backgrounds and experiences together; to give a voice to, and celebrate those who are often overlooked.

We strive to:

  • Allow writers to submit work that excites them and makes them proud
  • Encourage people with voices that have not yet been heard, i.e. new authors who have never been published
  • Fight to eradicate prejudice in the literary community
  • Bring confidence to the writing world
  • Showcase writing that rises