Fiction Excerpt

Coffee is a perfect example of what a short story should be. With the first line I am instantly hooked and want to know more. We follow the narrator as he describes just how his life had escaped from him, and the events that lead this couple to fall further and further apart from one another. The characters are incredibly real well written, making me feel for both parties instead of the typical good-guy/bad-guy trope when it comes the falling out of relationships. -Riley Sullivan, Fiction Editor

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In a sick twist of fate, my wife’s lover never knew he was a murderer.

I didn’t know his name, or what he looked like. I knew that he left the scent of the sea on my wife’s shoulders, that he wore the Calvin Klein boxers that appeared in our laundry one gray Saturday afternoon. I didn’t know how they met or how long they had been together. I assumed that this anonymous person I shared my wife with was another shiny new thing to replace her old life, and this time, I just happened to be the thing getting replaced.

-Tori Bovalino


Contact for archive issues.

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