Be Gone, Writer’s Block!

Writing can be very stressful. Especially when you have absolutely no idea what to write about. For me, writing can become a chore when I’m not producing the type of work I want. Constantly scribbling out words and sentences, or even changing the whole story as a whole. How I get out of this block is very simple.

First things first, let’s have a change in setting. Move to a place you don’t usually sit. Maybe sit by a window, let some light in. Or if you’re always writing on a chair, move to the floor. Anywhere new. Next, what I usually like to do is to listen to music or play a tv show in the background. I cannot write without some sort of noise going on. It also can inspire you to write. Hearing a certain line from a tv show can create an idea for a character, or maybe the beat and tone of the song you’re listening to can create a mood for your story. I also like to dump everything out on paper. Even if it’s not good, or if it’s all jumbled and not in order, it can help you piece together what you’re thinking of. Maybe you can start from the middle of a story instead from the beginning, or even the end. Another thing that I like to do is to use social media. Believe it or not, that’s where the majority of my inspiration comes from. Seeing different types of people, different lifestyles, and different art. Especially art. You can interpret art pieces anyway you want, and in return you create a story. Maybe you see a mural on your way home, you can write about what you saw, or how you interpreted it.

These tips don’t always work for me. Most of it has to do with my mental state, so what I have to say to that is to give yourself a break. If you feel overwhelmed with the need to write, you deserve a break so you are able to produce your best work. Keep on writing!

My name is Aaliyah Cruz, I am a Levitate art and prose editor. I am drawn to raw, real writing and art pieces.

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