We stand with the people

George Floyd protests continue in Chicago week after chaos ...

Levitate Literary Magazine has as its mission to celebrate the voices of writers and artists from diverse backgrounds and identities, highlighting their passion and authenticity. Our editors are students at The Chicago High School for the Arts, which was founded ten years ago to provide a pipeline for young artists of color who did not have access to the pre-professional training that would give them access to a career in the arts. Our school has always been dedicated to an anti-racist approach to education, to the arts, to publishing.

In this moment when we are grieving so many lives cut short, so much injustice, we stand with those who are marching in protest. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand with those who are doing the hard work of making the world new, making it match our vision of what it should be.

As we move forward, we hope to offer a home for your words and your images, all of you who are doing this necessary work of renewal. Submissions will open in October–send us your visionary art, visual and literary!


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