Why We Chose It: Last Light at Leland Pond, by Nancy Marshall

“Last Light at Leland Pond” is a black and white photograph that beautifully expresses the serenity of a pond. It captures all the tones, something that I really appreciated about this piece. To me it felt like a bit of peace that will always remain relevant, and made me feel a bit of nostalgia for when I was young and would pass by the pond in my neighborhood. It made me think about how many have this sort of nostalgic memory of a place similar to this.

            Pinhole photography is a very underappreciated form of photography. Pinhole photography is a type of photography that takes patience and dedication. I am very excited to see just how cleanly this piece came out. You can see the little details on this piece, from individual leaves to the bird in the tree. Everything is there to see, and I couldn’t stop but think about how one must balance the right exposure to light and have patience to wait for this photo to come out the way, one wants. This felt perfect, in its own way and I automatically fell in love with it.

Emily Sanchez, Lead Art Editor

Want to see “Last Light at Leland Pond?” Order Issue 4 of Levitate by going to 


Watch for more information about our online launch event scheduled for Tuesday, October 27! Our submissions window for Issue 5 will open November 1.

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